Questions of the Day


What are interesting topics to discuss on a reading blog?

What do you look for when reading a review?

How many times do you buy a book on the strength of a flattering or loving review?  One out of five?  Three out of ten?

Is it interesting and/or helpful if the reviewer adds a favorite(s) scene from the book?  For example while reading Fiance’ by Fate I could pick out at least three memorable scenes that will stick with me.  I thought the scene where Jack was concerned about Sabrina’s headache and offered a neck massage was so sweet.  Their first dinner together when Sabrina gets sloshed was fun.  Maybe my very favorite scene was Thanksgiving at Jack’s sister’s house when he has something special to show Sabrina.  This scene just had me melting into a puddle.

Maybe instead of offering a favorite peek into the book the reviewer should offer a quote to help a reader determine to read or not to read.  For instance during a social event Jack calls Sabrina out for her vocabulary: “I can’t believe I’m ‘going out’ with a woman who uses the word ‘interjection.’”  Or do quotes loose something without the context?


What are your thoughts?  I’d love to hear them.

Thanks and I hope you are enjoying a wonderful book tonight.



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