Celebrating Short Stories and some of my favorite authors.


Lately I’ve been reading a lot of short stories.  They allow me to enjoy the whole story in one sitting.  They keep me from reading too late into the work day since I usually read after 10pm when the house gets quiet.  Most of all, they usually include fiery stories with likeable characters that are well developed for the word count.

What are your thoughts about short stories?  Are you like me and do you like to save your long reads for weekends, vacations, and other times when you can read almost uninterrupted?  Talk to me!

Among my books you will find Mina Carter and many of her sassy, sexy shifters and other paranormal friends.  I’ve posted the covers of a few of her recent stories that I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying.  If you aren’t familiar with her work and you enjoy hot stories that are for mature readers, I recommend that you check her out.  Melody’s Wolf and Hedging His Bets are the first of Mina’s books that I read and are the ones that hooked me.

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