Guest Post


Today we are joined by Lea Bronsen, author of The Perfect Shoot.

Good afternoon Lea, we are happy to have you join us today.  I would like to know if you have favorites out of any of your characters?

I’d like to say my favorite character I have written is the young The Perfect Shoot model hero Yushka because he is yummy just the way I like ’em, funny, tough, and strong-willed, yet he’s a complete sweetheart and a wise, responsible person. What is there not to love about him? Well, since the lucky girl he’s cast his eyes upon isn’t me but happens to be the other main character of the book, author and single mom Andrea, I’ll have to say she’s my favorite one to write because he gives her all of his unabashed attention, and despite being shy and reticent, she gets to secretly drool on him, lol, which causes for sleepless nights and plenty inspiration for her erotic romance stories. Though, please sssh, she’ll kill me if I let anyone know about her crush 🙂
Thanks Lea, I’ve enjoyed having you on the blog today.
I’ll be back tomorrow with my review and I have to agree Yushka is YUMMY!

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