Bringing characters to life with Jessica Jayne

Joining us today with inside information on her creative process is  Jessica Jayne, author of the new release Board Indiscretion.  Please give a her warm welcome and come back later today for a look at her new book.
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Creating characters for a story is no easy feat. It’s one thing to craft a character. You figure out what they look like, what motivates them, and where you want the story to take them. It’s a whole other thing to build a memorable character that will leave the readers wanting more from that character. That takes more than just an outline of the character’s traits and desires. It requires you, as the author, to delve into the heart and mind of that character and make him or her real.
When you do that, you can’t help but get emotionally attached to your characters… some more than others. Though I’m vested in all my characters, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a favorite. Matt Riley from my book In Flames has sort of held my heart since his creation. 
Matt’s a fireman that was on site when his brother, Chad – also a fireman – died on the job. Coming from a strong Irish family with loving parents and a sister, losing his brother, to whom he was close, was devastating. In some ways, he felt responsible for Chad’s death. Why didn’t he break loose of his firemen brothers and storm the building? His guilt plagued him and before too long he found himself buried in a bottle. 
It was his sister-in-law, Gracelyn, that helped to pull him out of his haze because she was in desperate need of her family while dealing with the loss of her husband and the father to her children. Matt and his family aided Gracelyn in getting on her feet and bringing the children’s lives close to normal. But filling in as the man of the house became problematic for Matt because Gracelyn’s plight did more than set him on a straight path, it also stirred something in his heart.
Matt is definitely a raw character. Of course, he’s attractive – what hero in a story isn’t? – but he’s so much more than his looks. I loved writing his story. You can find it here: Evernight 
Mark Olson, the hero in Board Indiscretion – the book I’m promoting on this tour, has some similarities to Matt and he has become another one of my favorite heroes. Mark is raw and emotional too. He escaped a bad marriage that left him bitter on love and hungry for sex with anything that would give him attention – something he hadn’t had in quite some time. In walks Suzannah, who throws his single life declaration in a tailspin. Mark struggles with his feelings. He doesn’t want to get burned again. He doesn’t want complicated. But he also doesn’t want to lose Suzannah. So, what does Mark decide? ☺
Thank you Jessica.  It sounds like you have instilled all of my favorite parts of a hero in both Matt and Mark. Please come back soon!

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