Who Says Watching Scantily Clad Men Dance Doesn’t Pay Off?



Like the majority of the world, I read 50 Shades of Grey–I chose to read it via my Kindle instead of parading the real book around, partly because I felt a little embarrassed to be reading it, but mostly because I didn’t want to get engaged in any extensive discussion about the book with strangers on an airplane.

I didn’t love the writing, but I did get the appeal to the masses:  rich, handsome, yacht and plane owning man turns his sights on a young, innocent maiden.  This plot has dominated the pages of books for centuries, although instead of owning a plane, the protagonist male might have owned a pirate ship and a chest full of gold, and the young waif might have been a scullery maid.

Th main characters were nothing new.  Words like “red room,” “whips” and “spanking” managing to maneuver their way into mainstream circles–that…

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