I’d like to welcome Jessica Jayne to my blog today


Please join me later today for my review of Jessica’s book In Flames.  Please take it away Jessica and thank you for being with us.

I’d like to give a special thanks to the Lisa Loves Books blog for hosting me and my book, In Flames.  I was asked me to do a guest blog.  In most circumstances, the stops looking for a guest blog don’t give me a topic.  It’s sort of a free-for-all and I have to come up with something creative and interesting on my own.  But not What I’m Reading… I was given a super-hot topic that flows nicely with my book, In Flames… Top 5 Reasons Firefighters Make the Best Heroes!  My main character, Matt Riley, is a sexy firefighter.  And as far as fantasies go, a hard body, sexy firefighter is at the top of my list, so creating Matt’s character was a dream come true for me!  ☺

Fireman 1

Why do these guys make such great heroes?  I ask myself that question many times as I drive past our local firehouse and find myself slowing down to check to see if the guys are out washing the trucks or shooting hoops in the driveway… with their shirts off, of course!  I do have lucky days!  ☺

Fireman 2

What is it about a fireman that makes the women go crazy?!   I know I’m not the only one! Here are my thoughts:

Hard Bodies. In order to do the physically taxing job required of a firefighter, he has to keep himself in shape. He needs to be able to lift the equipment, climb into buildings and sometimes even carry people to safety. Being fit is not only part of the social time for these guys while they blow off steam, it is a necessity. And aren’t we all just happy about that!

Fireman 3

Brotherhood. Loyalty is an attractive element. If you’ve ever met a fireman (or if you’re lucky enough to be married to or dating one), you know that they have a connection with every single one of the men and women in that same uniform. The camaraderie and trust they have between gives the word “family” new meaning. And that same loyalty seems to follow them to all of their relationships.

Fireman 4

Uniform. What is it about a man in uniform? Seriously? Us ladies all go ga-ga over firemen, police officers and military men. Something about the formality of the uniform encasing and capturing their magnificence turns us all into a pile of mush.

Fireman 5

Selfless.  Firefighters may have some downtime during their shifts (thank God – because that’s when I get to catch them outside the firehouse horsing around ☺), but when a call comes in, it’s all work and no play.  And that’s because lives could be at risk, including their own.  They suit up in their turn-out gear and boots and head to a scene not knowing exactly what they may have to face, but ready and willing to face any danger that may await them, even at the risk of their own lives.

Fireman 6

Courage.  Firefighters face precarious situations on the job.  Saving the cat thirty feet up in the tree, rescuing a child from the fourth floor of a burning building, or pulling a man from the wreckage of his car, these guys save lives… every day!  They are heroes!  Forget Superman.  Move over, Batman.  These guys are for real!


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