In Flames by Jessica Jayne


in-flames1m cover

I finished this story in one sitting. I literally could not put it down. Our hot firefighter, Matt Riley & Gracelyn Riley, his brother’s widow, were perfect for each other. While the premise was a difficult one, the author used the threads of this grieving family to weave an emotional, sassy, story for her readers. Matt and Gracelyn lost Chad in a fire a year ago.  Love between them was not a good idea.  How could they stop it?

Seeing and feeling Matt’s pain was as important to the story as were his actions as a loyal brother, son, uncle, and brother in law. Gracie, while suffering the pain of loss, naturally leaned on her husband’s brother as would anyone in the same situation.

Always a close family, Matt and Gracelyn grew even closer while working together to make a normal life for Chad and Gracelyn’s children.  The interaction between these two and the rest of the family helped to build a solid foundation for their relationship and for the story.

The struggle and the pain along with the interaction of the secondary characters kept the story moving.  The painful back story notwithstanding, I smiled a lot while engrossed in this book.  I also felt a few tears.  I was emotionally connected and I ended the story with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I can’t think of one thing that I would ask the writer to change about this love match. While I fell in love with Matt as expected, I was unexpectedly drawn to Gracelyn and could easily imagine becoming friends with this remarkable woman. I can’t wait for Ms. Jayne’s next release.


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