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Wild and Wicked Cowboys

Hello, friends! I’ve been writing for deadlines since December, and I’m just now coming out of my winter burrow with a blog post that has more than a few grunts and photos! So howwwdeeee!


Since I’ve been writing cowboys nonstop, I’m neck-deep in how they strut, dress, throw a rope and drawl. Oh and beard scruff. Let’s all take a moment of silence to think about the beard scruff.







Okay, that was 5 moments. Whatever–it’s beard scruff!

Now down to business. Today I’m going to share a few words cowboys say that make me smile. Maybe you’ve run across some and scratched your head, wondering what they mean.

1. A hog-killin’ time

meaning: a good time

use: We went to the Suds and Duds and had a hog-killin’ time!

2. Alfalfa Desperado

meaning: a farmer

use: You’ve been too busy playing alfalfa desperado to…

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