Guest Post from Heather Grothaus, author of Valentine: The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels



Heather Grothaus

 My Writing Space

My writing space has evolved with each book I’ve written. We’ve also moved house since I was first published, so where and how I write has really changed.

I wrote my first three books (Medieval Warriors trilogy) with a pencil, in spiral-bound notebooks. It was nice to be able to pick up the manuscript and write wherever I felt like it, although most of the time I ended up at the kitchen table. I used a Dana for my novella THE VAMPIRE HUNTER, but didn’t care for it at all, so it’s somewhere in the storage room.

I finally finished my home office for TAMING THE BEAST. We lived in a ranch, so my office was tucked away in the basement. I loved disappearing into my alternate reality!

We’ve since moved, and now my office is in a loft area overlooking our family room. It’s a great space because I can be removed from the kids, but still see and hear them when I need to. Plus, it has built in bookshelves! You can probably see in the photo the printouts I have taped to the walls around my desk. These are actual satellite images of the site of Chastellet (Brotherhood of Fallen Angels series). I also have different types of maps and travel routes, castle layouts, and pictures of people who inspire my characters taped everywhere in my office. Not very tidy, but inspiring!



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