a plethora of reviews today


Sorry for not only a late post today and I’ll be brief, as well. I’ll post more in depth reviews later.

First up is Desiree Holt with Forward Pass.

Miss Holt never disappoints and for me this is a 5 star love affair.  My kindle is still smoking from Joe Reilly’s kisses alone.  Shay Beckham has been in love with her brother’s best friend Joe forever.  Joe has always treated her as a pesky kid sister, but throw their grownup selves in a live together situation and may the sparks fly at will *****

Next let’s talk about Dee Tenerio’s new release Wanted. Brody Roberts is dead, Rick Trelane has to clean up the mess and finally Whitney Peterson is free.  This was another strong well written friends to lovers story with an extra kick to it.  Loved this offering and will be looking for more.  One of my favorite scenes is when Whit chases Rick down on his own turf asserting herself in spite of her self doubts and stripping down before the door is even closed.


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