Addicted to the Duke: An Imperfect Lords Novel, my short review


While I did enjoy Ms. Evan’s work as usual, there were times that I felt the story dragged just a bit with the repetition of stating the reasons why these two should not have their HEA. Alex and Hestia both had their baggage. Alex’s demons being his over indulgence in women and his drugs of choice and Lady Hestia’s long infatuation with the hero who saved her lo those any years ago. When they sail off to adventure and locating the lady’s father, we get a story well worth the reading.

Addicted to the Duke: An Imperfect Lords Novel by [Evans, Bronwen]

The blurb from Goodreads:

A lovestruck lady charms the duke of her dreams during an expedition on the high seas in this sexy, swashbuckling novel from USA Today bestselling author Bronwen Evans.

Alexander Sylvester Bracken, Duke of Bedford, has a mission: sail to the Mediterranean and track down Lady Hestia Cary’s missing father. It is a straightforward task, but for two rather vexing complications. First, the sea holds painful memories; second, for her own safety, Hestia is to accompany him. As Alex battles the demons of his past, he must also resist Hestia’s surprisingly skillful attempts at seduction. After all, Alex has sworn to leave her untouched, and he intends to honor that vow—until he can properly ask the Earl’s blessing.

Ever since His Grace rescued Hestia from the arms of a Turkish pirate six long years ago, her heart has belonged to Alex. So when he agrees to help find her father, Hestia is thrilled. Although Alex tries to hide it, there’s passion in his eyes—and a frisson of desire in the air—whenever they meet. On board ship, miles from home, Alex won’t be able to deny her any longer. But with scoundrels lying in wait, she may not live to tell the tale of her conquest.


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