Dallas Fire and Rescue Kindle World’s New Release


Dallas Fire & Rescue: Ash (Kindle Worlds) (Hearts and Ashes Book 2) by [Winters, Irish]

Ash Callahan…
The Irishman whose life’s work is going up in flames in Boston. A carpenter by trade, his true talent lies in carving grand nautical figureheads, the lifelike depictions of mermaids, sea legends, and such. The type found in wild defiance at the prows of the mighty, masted sailing ships of yore. Clippers and galleons. Pirate ships.
Only now, that life he’s worked for is all but—gone.

Colby Quaid…
One of America’s first female Army Rangers, and the girl who got away. She’s only returned to Boston to sell off her family’s multi-million dollar business. She doesn’t expect to stay any longer than it takes to sign on the dotted line. Colby has a life to live, a proud life, and she intends to live it—her way. Only now she’s wondering why Ash Callahan’s nude figurehead of the Irish Pirate Queen, Grace O’Malley, looks just like her?

I read this story in just one sitting and I really, really liked it. I give it 4 STARS.

I received a copy for an honest review. I give Ash and Colby 4 Stars.

As the first female army ranger, Colby was strong, tough, and loyal. Ash was brash, pining, and full of Irish brogue. I loved the way they each learned the little things about one another as they got closer to one another. It was like opening one of those little fancy boxes that has multiple little doors and drawers, special little surprise hiding places, or like a nesting doll. I thought the story was mapped out logically and flowed smoothly, the characters believable and the suspense a perfect mix of emotions.




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